PS10: Top 10 Resume Tips

As Prodigy Sports celebrates our 10th Anniversary, each month leading up to our celebration, we will be highlighting our “Top 10’s” of Prodigy Sports’ first 10 years.

In May, we are recognizing our Top 10 Resume Tips.  As leaders in executive search, we see 100’s of resumes each day. By using these simple tips, you can make yourself more appealing for potential job opportunities, thus landing that sought-after job interview.

  1. Provide basic complete contact information with accurate phone number and personal email address.
  1. Order your resume either chronologically and/or in order of importance; or both, when possible.
  1. Unless perfect, absolutely necessary, or done with a clear purpose, omit an objective or summary.
  1. Use bullets or other organization tools instead of lengthy paragraphs.
  1. No spelling issues or errors of any kind. Check your spelling and grammar and read over what you write.  Have someone else review it thoroughly.
  1. Be clean and consistent – check your spacing, margins, headings, font size and type, etc.
  1. Stick with the most relevant and recent content when deciding what stays or goes.
  1. Keep it simple – too many pages and people will stop reading.  Tell a story but don’t make it a novel.
  1. Blatantly showcase hard skills – technological, languages spoken; weave soft skills throughout.
  1. Accomplished professionals have goals and numbers – so share them! We want to see the work you have done and the accounts you are proud to share.  If not in sales, simply be specific and expand on the details.

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