PS10: Top 10 Tips for a Successful Corporate Culture

As Prodigy Sports celebrates our 10th Anniversary, each month leading up to our celebration, we will be highlighting our “Top 10’s” of Prodigy Sports’ first 10 years.

In August, we are recognizing our Top 10 Tips for a Successful Corporate Culture.  As Prodigy Sports was recently highlighted in the SportsBusiness Journal, our key executives discussed how critical putting together a cultural environment in the workplace. Aside from some suggestions from Prodigy Sports, below are thoughtful recommendations from sports industry leaders on how to establish a successful corporate environment in your organization, whether you are the CEO or an intern.

Respect – Create open discussion forums for employees to voice concerns or share new ideas. If employees get the chance to contribute to conversations, they generally feel more of a willingness to participate, collaborate and have more discussions that can help the company to grow. Value the opinions of your staff, even if they are not the same views as your own.

Transparency – Be able to have open communication with co-workers. Be aware that not everyone may have the same opinions, values, beliefs, or ideas as yourself. Even so, be aware of others and how they may react to certain situations and comments.

Balance – With work-life balance being an important value, offer employees the ability to disconnect. Encourage the usage of vacation time, especially after a season ends, and be flexible with hours if the employee has shown their work value. Mental health is critically important to a human so take that into account as work life can often impact someone’s time.

Empowerment – Providing opportunities to grow and take on new challenges keep employees engaged. Clearly define roles so people can excel to their fullest and have specific goals to be reached. Some ideas to encourage empowerment are offering employees the ability to break out of silos and explore other departments. Switch up who works together generally to gain new views from others who you may not work with prior. There is always room to learn something new.

Environment – Create work environments that people want to be in. The details of design from conference rooms to comfort of sitting areas to the art on the walls can play a role in how excited someone is to spend the day at the office. Be free to decorate your desk space to personalize it – within reason and abiding by corporate policies.

Celebration – Celebrate the wins of the team or individual, which can go a long way to boost morale. Encourage one another to be the best versions of themselves and motivate those who need help.

Learning – In an age where information is rapidly changing and new skills must constantly be learned, provide opportunities for continuing education through education reimbursement, on-site/off-site courses, conference attendance or just general networking opportunities. Break down the “how we have always done things” wall; however, one must be tactful in their approach to not disrupt “what got us here.”

Dress – Fashion has a significant impact on mindset. On the field, some teams require rookies to dress in suits while others allow a ‘dress to feel good’ mentality. While there are certain standards that should always be met, evaluate what your dress code says about your company. What type of culture are you trying to encourage? Take pride in looking your best and if you are starting a new job, it is always best to overdress than under dress until told otherwise.

Diversity – Embrace being unique. Diversity is a much emphasized buzzword in the talent space both in terms background, gender, and ethnicity. Create an environment that embraces unique and different ideas, because without them it will be difficult to retain great talent. Build a culture with different personalities but with the same values. Respect and value diverse opinions regardless of title, seniority, gender, ethnicity, etc. Support independent thought.

Adapt– Look at where there are currently problems and work backwards to find a solution. What works for one company won’t necessarily work for another, so take a closer look at where employees consistently are pointing out flaws and pick the most important issues to tackle. Embrace communication through various technologies both internally and externally. Be open for change because like the great Albert Einstein said: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”


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