PS10: Top 10 LinkedIn Tips

As Prodigy Sports celebrates our 10th Anniversary, each month leading up to our celebration, we will be highlighting our “Top 10’s” of Prodigy Sports’ first 10 years.

In March, we are recognizing our Top 10 LinkedIn Tips. These helpful tips have been designed by our senior staff of recruiters here at Prodigy. While there are many other tips and tricks to the perfect profile, these are the top 10 our recruiters look for and to keep in mind.

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  1. Update your profile so that it is current and not outdated when taking a new role.
  1. Always stay connected and engage with your professional community. Social media is the greatest networking tool – so use it!
  1. Fill out the descriptions of roles with accurate information and keywords. We want to understand your roles of what you do day-to-day.
  1. Build relationships and add connections by showing value and offering a win-win. The benefit of LinkedIn is you can see what connections you have in common. (mutual connections, tiers of connections).
  1. Provide your contact information including your personal email address and cell phone. Let’s chat – you never know where it will lead to or who you may share connections.
  1. Check your account regularly (for messages, comments, requests).
  1. Include links to professional websites, work portfolio, and other useful articles. Show off your work. If you are a sales professional, share your numbers. If you are a marketing professional, what makes your profile unique?
  1. Have an appropriate and formal headshot.
  1. Network even when you don’t need something – congratulate people on their successes, wish them well in their new jobs, and engage in industry conversations. Even if you are not in the hunt for a new opportunity, meeting people can always benefit your career in one way or another.
  1. Leverage LinkedIn as a gateway to emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings. At the end of the day, you made your LinkedIn profile for some reason. Take advantage of the millions of people on this great social platform.


Stay tuned next month for more of our Prodigy Sports Anniversary Countdown!

If you have any questions regarding our 10th Anniversary, please contact Megan Meisse at


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