Checking In With: Zoe Wilson, PGA TOUR

Adapting to the digital age: Advice from Zoe Wilson

By: Megan Meisse, Prodigy Sports

Candidate placed: July 2015

When you are working with the largest golf organization in the world, growing and maintaining various digital platforms can be one of the most difficult jobs. HeadshotIn looking to expand their greater New York City media sales efforts, the PGA TOUR sought the assistance of Prodigy Sports, in order to find a creative, interactive sales professional, responsible for working with their clients to develop PGA TOUR media partnerships and campaigns.

In July of 2015, a Texas native found her new home in New York with the PGA TOUR. Zoe Wilson now holds the title of Director of Media Sales for the TOUR. Having moved to New York in 2007 not knowing a single person, she quickly got involved with her alma mater, the University of Texas, with their New York chapter. Currently sitting on three boards for the Alumni Association with Texas, Wilson built her network and now pays it forward to her university by volunteering with undergrads, sharing her experiences in New York and offering career advice.

After graduating from the University of Texas with a Sports Management degree, Wilson began her internship with the Paralympics in Colorado, being tasked with hosting the Paralympics Charity Golf Tournament. Ironically enough, this was her first time around golf and being on a golf course. Shortly after her internship with the United States Olympic Committee, Wilson made the move to New York, with the United States Golf Association. After an interesting industry transition to work for Vogue and TIME in publishing, both in marketing and sales, Wilson reconnected with her USGA network and felt the desire to get back into sports.

After stepping off the plane her first night in December of 2007, there was snow falling, her possessions were on a truck from Colorado, and that is when she realized, “this is thpgatoure rest of my life.”

In her first year with the PGA TOUR, Wilson focused her efforts on business development; however during the summer of 2016, she transitioned into a new role, to run sales for a sub-media brand called Skratch. Skratch is owned by the PGA and engages a younger demographic through digital content that covers the world of golf beyond the PGA TOUR and their competitions. Wilson describes Skratch as “social first media branding towards millennial golf fans.”

“Skratch covers the fun side and now with so many younger participants in the sport and active on social media, we are able to grow the PGA footprint” says Wilson. In her role, she focuses about 70% of her time with Skratch and 30% on the PGA TOUR, selling across different portfolios and sharing resources between the two.  When asked about her greatest challenge she has worked on so far with the TOUR, Wilson explains “it’s about creating good content at the end of the day and figuring out their brand into Skratch content.” Having a small office in New York, with the PGA TOUR headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, there is a strong sense of family within the department. “Culture is so important to the life and DNA of the PGA TOUR. There aren’t a lot of jobs in digital media, in New York, in golf, but I have it.”

WSkratchilson explains there are a lot of great initiatives coming down the pike for the PGA TOUR and she is excited for all the opportunities coming in 2017 and beyond for her, as well as golf in general in a good place.

“One thing about the sports industry, it is very difficult to break in, but once you do, you are family,” says Wilson. Now that she has broken in, she offers two key pieces of advice: “talk to everyone you possibly can because the opportunities are communicated within the sports circle” and “do as much research as you can and get into sports for the right reasons.”

Prodigy Sports is proud to have placed Zoe Wilson into her role with the PGA TOUR and look forward to continued growth for Zoe, the PGA TOUR, and Skratch.

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