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Prodigy Sports Celebrates 10 Years

Prodigy Sports celebrates 10 years in business this October

(FREEHOLD, NJ) – October, 2017 – In October of 2007,  Prodigy Sports was formed and quickly established itself as a preeminent sports and entertainment executive recruitment firm. As we are celebrating our 10th year in business, we have unrivaled experience across the sports and entertainment industries.

In addition, our full-time dedicated executive search team is the largest of any boutique sports firm in the U.S. Led by Founder & CEO, Scott Carmichael, Prodigy Sports has over 80 combined years of experience and the deeply-rooted relationships that come with it.  We have placed hundreds of candidates in a variety of business functions within organizations, representing all disciplines, including senior management, sales, marketing, operations, and administration. Not only are our placements varied across the sports landscape but our candidate pool is always widely diverse.

As we’ve celebrated our years in the business, we have highlighted our “Top 10’s” of Prodigy Sports’ first 10 years. Leading up to our official anniversary date of October 27th, Prodigy took a look back at our greatest highlights of the last 10 years.

As we celebrate our anniversary, we would like to take this time to offer our most sincere, heart-felt and humbling thank you to our valued clients.  Without their commitment, trust and continued loyalty, the past 10 years would not have transpired.  We’d also like to deeply thank our placements, colleagues, friends and family for their loyal support over the last ten years. We are humbled by our success, growth, and the future of Prodigy Sports.  Simply – we are where the BEST BRANDS COME FOR THE BEST TALENT.

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PS10: Top 10 Clients in Digital Sports Media

As Prodigy Sports celebrates our 10th Anniversary, each month leading up to our celebration, we will be highlighting our “Top 10’s” of Prodigy Sports’ first 10 years.

In June, we are recognizing our Top 10 Clients in Digital Sports Media.  These clients of ours have excelled in their social media platforms, digital networks, and virtual interaction with their fans. Some of the below are large sports franchises, however, others are mobile apps that excel in their content creation for teams and fan engagement. Through these top 10, we are proud to call them clients and enjoy seeing what their next moves are, only a tweet away.

Los Angeles Kings

Twitter: @LAKings

When it comes to social media, the LA Kings have risen through the ranks over the past years as they deviate from the traditional professional strategy. In doing so, the Kings have been known to kind-heartedly poke fun around the league as well as at sports media reports about their team. In recent sightings, the Kings have tweeted and created GIFS to and from celebrities around the industry, such as cast members from popular TV shows including The Office, Seinfeld and Breaking Bad. The Kings Twitter account has only grown more popular, and with their Stanley Cup Championship wins over the last few years, the LA Kings are able to make sports fun and enjoyable on and off the ice.

Dallas Cowboys

With millions of fans worldwide, the Dallas Cowboys are one of the most iconic brands in sports, with one of the strongest social media followings. Aside from their big-name athletes and top-notch stadium, their social pages are the ones to follow, with many current Cowboys players heavily involved in online communication with fans. Whether their posts show off their 91-acre premier sports and entertainment district, The Star in Frisco, or AT&T Stadium with its video walls and 11,520 square foot scoreboard hanging 90 feet above the field, all is a sight to see.

Sacramento Kings

It’s no secret that the Sacramento Kings have dominated in technology, not only through their social networks but within their arena, the Golden 1 Center. After several awards presented, some including “Most Tech Savvy Sports Team of 2016” by Sports Techie and “#1 Most Innovative Company in Sports” by Fast Company, the Kings use technology both on and off the court to revamp and redefine their fan experience. Keeping up with a competitive market, the Kings are now using push notifications sent from their app with videos, highlights, stats, scores and much more to engage fans. The goal in their new strategy is to push breaking news and updates ahead of the many other sports and news related apps people may use. When it comes to their social side, the Kings move past the traditional tweet and push to the next best thing.


Twitter: @ufc

Mixed martial arts were given little exposure in their early stages in the United States, but over the last decade, the UFC has emerged as one of the most captivating sports in the US today. Given its rise in popularity, UFC can thank their engaging social media platforms for helping to attract crowds to iconic venues like Madison Square Garden and selling millions of pay-per-view subscriptions for each fight. Dana White, UFC President, is often known to be outspoken and an avid Twitter user, who some may see as the unofficial voice of the UFC as well in their accounts. In 2011, the UFC created a Twitter bonus program, offering cash rewards to fighters who added followers and tweeted to engaged fans. Now with over 20 million followed across all social media accounts, the UFC is more successful than ever.

New York Yankees

Twitter: @Yankees

Although the New York Yankees are a client of ours, we are not biased ranking them amongst our top 10, despite our two most recent placements leading their social media team! As another iconic world brand, the New York Yankees are not new to the digital sports media era. In recent years with notable trades and player progressions, the Yankees have continued to further their social media presence. With the addition of younger faces to their roster, the Yankees have done an incredible job making those players accessible to their fan base and social media following. In several articles, Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner mentions that “by monitoring social media, it convinced him New York fans were ready to embrace younger players mixed with veterans”. Aside from their renovated roster, the Yankees host Social Media Night and have boosted their following during the season’s opening week as they now have the largest audience size across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the MLB, as stated by Unmetric, social marketing firm.


Twitter: @SeatGeek

SeatGeek is one the top digital ticketing spaces that focuses on expanding its reach through the social media platform, Twitter. One thing that SeatGeek likes to use Twitter for is to interact with consumers to download their mobile app. This allows a user to click on a tweet about an event and directed right to the app making it more convenient for the consumer.  One thing SeatGeek continues to do is engage with their Twitter followers. With over 47,000 followers, they are constantly retweeting and replying to people on their page. They also have the ability to see exactly what the consumer tweets about and who they are following in order to place a specific advertisement in front of the exact market it wants. In their recent 2016 launch with SeatGeek Open, venues can sell tickets directly from their own websites, apps and social media accounts, and wherever else they might want to sell online.


For a game that some may think struggles to engage the younger demographic, the PGA TOUR has gone to great lengths to maintain its fan base of all ages, especially through their development of Skratch, a digital video network that reaches those younger fans through digital content that covers the world of golf beyond the PGA TOUR and their competitions. Between the quick clips of highlights of golfers to daily humor through pictures, Skratch appeals to the millennial dynamic. As younger players rise to prominence and become the new stars of golf, such as Rickie Fowler, Ryan Palmer, Patrick Reed and many more, Skratch highlights them as well with a fun twist on traditional golf highlights.

Glory Kickboxing

Twitter: @GLORY_WS

Although somewhat new being founded in 2012, Glory World Series is an international kickboxing company, in which Glory Kickboxing has grown internationally as the world’s #1 kickboxing league. With over 40 events worldwide, ranging from France, England, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, the United States and many more, Glory Kickboxing has grown its social following through their excellent promotional videos leading up to each match. With Twitter as their biggest social platform, Glory does a great job with interacting with their fans, including many retweets, posting surveys and always including the fight number throughout their tweets. Because this sport is so popular internationally as well, Glory’s following is successful and hopefully can grow their league even more than it has in the years to come.


Twitter: @ExpApp

As a rapidly growing company, Experience utilizes their fan engagement platform at over 300+ sports and music live events around the world, allowing fans to personalize their live event experience right from their mobile device. With several strategic partnerships across the ticketing and sports space, Experience as a whole is a digital leader, not only through their social media but through their app itself. With proven case studies on their website from their clients like the Atlanta Braves, Boston Celtics and Atlanta Falcons, using their mobile app has driven younger fan bases to these teams, helped in renewals and increased season ticket members.

Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Twitter: @MSE

As Monumental Sports & Entertainment owns teams in the NHL, NBA and WNBA, their global coverage has grown the last year as their joined forces in 2016 with MP & Silva, as their exclusive worldwide marketing rights agent to secure sponsorship, naming rights and development. In their recent growth to expand their global brand, their three professional sports teams have expanded their presence as well. The NBA’s Washington Wizards host #WizSocial night, which allows fans to be a part of their social media team for the game. In mid 2017, MSE was recognized as “Best in Show” for the 2017 IES Sales Excellence Awards. Through their sales program, some highlights included the use of a mobile app as a sales training tool and recognizing their global partnership initiatives across their brands.

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PS10: Top 10 Resume Tips

As Prodigy Sports celebrates our 10th Anniversary, each month leading up to our celebration, we will be highlighting our “Top 10’s” of Prodigy Sports’ first 10 years.

In May, we are recognizing our Top 10 Resume Tips.  As leaders in executive search, we see 100’s of resumes each day. By using these simple tips, you can make yourself more appealing for potential job opportunities, thus landing that sought-after job interview.

  1. Provide basic complete contact information with accurate phone number and personal email address.
  1. Order your resume either chronologically and/or in order of importance; or both, when possible.
  1. Unless perfect, absolutely necessary, or done with a clear purpose, omit an objective or summary.
  1. Use bullets or other organization tools instead of lengthy paragraphs.
  1. No spelling issues or errors of any kind. Check your spelling and grammar and read over what you write.  Have someone else review it thoroughly.
  1. Be clean and consistent – check your spacing, margins, headings, font size and type, etc.
  1. Stick with the most relevant and recent content when deciding what stays or goes.
  1. Keep it simple – too many pages and people will stop reading.  Tell a story but don’t make it a novel.
  1. Blatantly showcase hard skills – technological, languages spoken; weave soft skills throughout.
  1. Accomplished professionals have goals and numbers – so share them! We want to see the work you have done and the accounts you are proud to share.  If not in sales, simply be specific and expand on the details.

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PS10: Top 10 Interview Tips

As Prodigy Sports celebrates our 10th Anniversary, each month leading up to our celebration, we will be highlighting our “Top 10’s” of Prodigy Sports’ first 10 years.

In July, we are recognizing our Top 10 Interview Tips.  As recruiters, these following tips are elements we experience every day while interviewing candidates. While there are many other tips and tricks to a great interview, these are the top 10 our recruiters look for and to keep in mind.

  1. Be on time! “On time is late, 5 minutes early is on time, and being late is unacceptable.”

If you are in fact running late, let the company and/or your recruiter contact know as soon as possible. Your punctuality says a lot about you and can ruin an interview from the start before even speaking.

  1. Do your research on the company and the interviewer(s) beforehand if you know who you will be meeting with (ask for an agenda if possible).

Check pronunciation on their name. Understand the company and their values, mission, overall direction, and relevant news. Most of the information you need to know is listed right on the company’s website or LinkedIn page if applicable. Show that you have done your homework by weaving that into your answers or questions.

  1. Practice interviewing at home. Prepare for the simple questions you know will be asked of you.

There are common interview questions that you can easily formulate answers for ahead of time. Aside from explaining your background, be prepared for questions like:  What are your key skills? Tell me about your greatest accomplishment?  What do you know about our company/this role? What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome? What have you learned from a mistake?

  1. Dress the part. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Men, suit and tie are a must and be clean shaven (trim your beard as necessary).  Women, dress formally and be cautious of too much, potentially distracting, jewelry.

  1. Leave your cell phone and other electronic devices in your bag, or better yet, in your car.

Imagine being in the midst of an interview with a CEO of a major company and a text comes through, hearing the chirp. If it is necessary to bring it in your bag, play it safe and turn it off rather than taking your chances on silent/vibrating mode.

  1. Make direct eye contact.

Show that you are actively and genuinely listening to what your potential employer has to say. Be engaged in the conversation, however, leave the (too) personal stories at home. Show your human side, to the extent you feel comfortable, but your weekend stories should not be addressed.

  1. If you are doing a video or Skype interview, test the camera before your interview.

Technology has a funny way of playing with us when we need it the most. Skype and other platforms offer test calls. Utilize those to test the camera quality and the sound that the microphone and speakers work property. Position yourself in a well-lit area with a blank (or minimally decorated) wall behind you. Even though you are not in person, act as if you are in your dress, mannerisms, and speech. And, dress as if you’re meeting in person – (See No. 4 above.)

  1. Sell yourself. If you are applying for a sales role, demonstrate your ability to close a deal.

Depending on the position you are interviewing for, think about what skills are important to look for and to have as a candidate for this role. For sales, have a comfort level with high-dollar amounts and explain your deep rolodex. For more marketing/digital roles, promote your creativity and establish your own brand. If you are a problem solver, show your ability to handle difficult situations efficiently. Tell your story, use detail and examples.

  1. Think positive. When preparing for an interview, it is common to feel nervous.

Don’t let that overwhelm you. Everyone has achieved their level of success through an interview and they have been through it all. Be confident in your abilities, think about the path that got you to where you are and reflect that in your interview. Take a deep breath, relax.

  1. Always follow up with a Thank You after an interview.

A simple thank you email or handwritten note (a lost art) is a must. Don’t overdo it with following up if the interviewer gives you a timeline on their process. Most likely, a company will be interviewing additional candidates as well so try to be patient.

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PS10: Top 10 Venues

As Prodigy Sports celebrates our 10th Anniversary, each month leading up to our celebration, we will be highlighting our “Top 10’s” of Prodigy Sports’ first 10 years.

In April, we are recognizing our Top 10 Venues, including first-class stadiums, arenas, and courses. These clients have gone above and beyond with their world-renowned facilities. Through renovations, upgrades, new construction, and incredible amounts of time put into each, these 10 facilities are just as impressive as the next.

Hard Rock

Hard Rock Stadium – Miami Gardens, FL

Miami Dolphins – In 2016, Stephen Ross, chairman of the Related Companies, acquired the Miami Dolphins, the Stadium, and surrounding land to go under a major renovation to the South Florida region. One of Ross’s goals was to make Hard Rock Stadium “the most innovative team in sports, serving as a cutting-edge incubator for introducing new technologies and other fan and media innovations for the optimal fan experience”. After completion of the privately financed major renovation in 2016, Hard Rock Stadium now seats 65,000, 32 four-seat pods in the lower bowl, with an additional 16 pods at the south end zone, featuring a living room arrangement, with premium furniture and television screens.

Golden 1 Center

Golden 1 Center – Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Kings – The Sacramento Kings were selected by Sports Techie as the most tech savvy sports team of 2016. This year alone, the Kings created a new standard with the opening of one of the most advanced, state of the art venues in sports today – Golden 1 Center. The Kings debuted the NBA’s largest videoboard and the first to feature 4K Ultra HD resolution, development a dual-mode team and venue app and created a dual virtual reality broadcasts on emerging trends.

NBA Store

NBA Store – Manhattan, NY

Fanatics – As the NBA looked to totally re-invent their NY retail space, they announced that Fanatics, an online sports apparel retailer, would operate its 25,000 square foot Manhattan flagship store. The NBA Store opened in 2015 and features digital displays highlighting product information, ticker with live sports scores, interactive games, and large televisions showing highlights and live events. Not only is the inside of the store a sight to see, but the stone and glass outside, brings even more life to busy 5th Ave.

Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs – Louisville, KY

Churchill Downs Incorporated – As racetrack home to the world famous Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs Racetrack is located in Louisville, KY. Opening in 1875, it held the first Kentucky Derby and the first Kentucky Oaks that same year. With the iconic twin spires at the top of the grandstands, the track went through renovations in the early 2000s and again in 2013, with the installation of a new video board, called “The Big Board”. Aside from this 171-foot-wide board, 750 speakers were installed around the track for up close and personal sound of these incredible races.

Warrior Ice Arena

Warrior Ice Arena – Boston, MA

Boston Bruins – The Warrior Ice Arena is an ice hockey arena and practice facility in Boston, which opened in September of 2016, and is currently practice home for the Boston Bruins. Aside from the practice rink, the 600-seat arena includes shops, a hotel, and hosts college, high school, youth and armature level hockey. With hospitality suites for corporate gatherings to public skating, Warrior Ice Arena offers a variety of events, as well as concessions with healthy food options.

TPC Sawgrass – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

PGA TOUR – At the great TPC Sawgrass, the course closed for about six months as they went through a multi-million-dollar renovation, with enhancements both inside and out
side the ropes. All of the greens were rebuilt and resurfaced, practice areas redesigned, and new holes for more challenging shots. With some 50,000 fans a day for The Players Championship, spectators now have better viewing access of the greens.

Staples Center

Staples Center – Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Kings – The Staples Center is a multi-purpose sports arena in Downtown Los Angeles. Opening in 1999, the Staples Center is home to the Los Angeles Lakes and Clippers of the NBA, Los Angeles Kings of the NHL, and the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA. Outside the arena on the Star Plaza, stand statues of 8 greats in Los Angeles sports history. During late 2010, modifications were made to the arena, to the locker rooms, installation of a new high-definition center-hung video scoreboard, and new lighting throughout the arena.

TD Garden

TD Garden – Boston, MA

Delaware North – New England’s largest sports and entertainment arena, TD Garden is home to the NHL’s Boston Bruins and the NBA’s Boston Celtics and hosts over 3.5 million people a year. From sporting events, iconic concerts, family shows, ice shows and much more, TD Garden hosts over 200 events a year. In 2014, owner and operator Delaware North, invested over $70 million for an arena-wide renovation to upgrade the fan experience including redesigned concourses, new concession offerings and upgraded technology. The award-winning state-of-the-art TD Garden is a year-round, 19,600-seat arena, fully equipped with three private restaurants, 90 executive suites, 1,100 club seats, a multi-million-dollar high definition video scoreboard and complete 360-degree LED technology.

AT&T Stadium – Arlington, TX

Dallas Cowboys – Home to the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium seats 80,000 with a retractable roof in the heart of Texas. With the assistance to naming rights partner, AT&T, the Cowboys installed interactive video walls, multi-touch displays and the ability to stream up to 16 different video application feeds at the same time. As the 5th largest venue in the NFL, the stadium has the one of the world’s largest high definition video screen that hangs between each 20-yard line. Aside from the incredible AT&T Stadium, the Cowboys also opened the state-of-the-art, The Star in Frisco in 2015. Now serving as headquarters for the Cowboys, The Star also offers corporate offices, practice facility, the Ford Center, and hosts a variety of events, restaurants, shops, hotels, and more.

Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium – Bronx, NY

New York Yankees – As home to the iconic New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium was built in 2009 to replace the globally iconic original Yankee Stadium. The $2B stadium is a block north of the original stadium and stands as the most expensive baseball stadium ever built. The cost paid off for this gorgeous stadium as it evokes elements of the original Yankee Stadium with its iconic roof frieze. The stadium also includes Monument Park, Great Hall, and The New York Yankees Museum.


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PS10: Top 10 Tips for a Successful Corporate Culture

As Prodigy Sports celebrates our 10th Anniversary, each month leading up to our celebration, we will be highlighting our “Top 10’s” of Prodigy Sports’ first 10 years.

In August, we are recognizing our Top 10 Tips for a Successful Corporate Culture.  As Prodigy Sports was recently highlighted in the SportsBusiness Journal, our key executives discussed how critical putting together a cultural environment in the workplace. Aside from some suggestions from Prodigy Sports, below are thoughtful recommendations from sports industry leaders on how to establish a successful corporate environment in your organization, whether you are the CEO or an intern.

Respect – Create open discussion forums for employees to voice concerns or share new ideas. If employees get the chance to contribute to conversations, they generally feel more of a willingness to participate, collaborate and have more discussions that can help the company to grow. Value the opinions of your staff, even if they are not the same views as your own.

Transparency – Be able to have open communication with co-workers. Be aware that not everyone may have the same opinions, values, beliefs, or ideas as yourself. Even so, be aware of others and how they may react to certain situations and comments.

Balance – With work-life balance being an important value, offer employees the ability to disconnect. Encourage the usage of vacation time, especially after a season ends, and be flexible with hours if the employee has shown their work value. Mental health is critically important to a human so take that into account as work life can often impact someone’s time.

Empowerment – Providing opportunities to grow and take on new challenges keep employees engaged. Clearly define roles so people can excel to their fullest and have specific goals to be reached. Some ideas to encourage empowerment are offering employees the ability to break out of silos and explore other departments. Switch up who works together generally to gain new views from others who you may not work with prior. There is always room to learn something new.

Environment – Create work environments that people want to be in. The details of design from conference rooms to comfort of sitting areas to the art on the walls can play a role in how excited someone is to spend the day at the office. Be free to decorate your desk space to personalize it – within reason and abiding by corporate policies.

Celebration – Celebrate the wins of the team or individual, which can go a long way to boost morale. Encourage one another to be the best versions of themselves and motivate those who need help.

Learning – In an age where information is rapidly changing and new skills must constantly be learned, provide opportunities for continuing education through education reimbursement, on-site/off-site courses, conference attendance or just general networking opportunities. Break down the “how we have always done things” wall; however, one must be tactful in their approach to not disrupt “what got us here.”

Dress – Fashion has a significant impact on mindset. On the field, some teams require rookies to dress in suits while others allow a ‘dress to feel good’ mentality. While there are certain standards that should always be met, evaluate what your dress code says about your company. What type of culture are you trying to encourage? Take pride in looking your best and if you are starting a new job, it is always best to overdress than under dress until told otherwise.

Diversity – Embrace being unique. Diversity is a much emphasized buzzword in the talent space both in terms background, gender, and ethnicity. Create an environment that embraces unique and different ideas, because without them it will be difficult to retain great talent. Build a culture with different personalities but with the same values. Respect and value diverse opinions regardless of title, seniority, gender, ethnicity, etc. Support independent thought.

Adapt– Look at where there are currently problems and work backwards to find a solution. What works for one company won’t necessarily work for another, so take a closer look at where employees consistently are pointing out flaws and pick the most important issues to tackle. Embrace communication through various technologies both internally and externally. Be open for change because like the great Albert Einstein said: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”


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