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Harnessing the Power of Sports Twitter Chats

Harnessing the Power of Sports Twitter Chats

By: Brian Clapp, Director of Content,

What does social media provide you?

For many, it’s a break from work, while for others, it is work.

For many it’s a productivity tool, news aggregator and information finder, for others it’s just a way to stay entertained while on the toilet (don’t pretend you are the one person that doesn’t read their phone on the toilet).

I imagine the social playground plays different roles for just about everyone, so on a micro level, it really depends on your personal goals.

Are you killing time? Trying to move product? Trying to enhance your skill profile? Grow traffic to your site?

The role of social media probably changes throughout the day, depending on your goals in that moment.

But much like playing a video game, which essentially evaporates time without the benefit of achieving anything, spending time engrossed in the social conversation, can also be fb-artguilt-inducing.

You scour Facebook for an hour, and then realize, “oh my Gosh, I just wasted an hour doing nothing.” Raise your hand if you’ve been there.

So here’s the deal, we know how to turn social media into your own personal (and free) productivity tool, without taking the fun out of the medium.

Twitter chats. More specifically, sports twitter chats.

Think about it for a second, where else can you gather minds from across the world, talking about a specific subject, answering questions and pushing for thought-leadership, than in the social world?

That is the power of Twitter chats. Read on to learn more about how to maximize the impact of sports twitter chats and make them a part of your social media routine.