Summer Break or Work Late

Summer Break or Work Late: How to Regain Productivity During Summer Months

By: Megan Meisse, Prodigy Sports

Summertime tends to be a favorite for many compared to the other seasons. What is not to love about the sun shining, crowded beaches, and that delicious soft-serve ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles? Out of all of these summertime favorites, there is one that is generally not included in that mix: heading to the office and spending your week at your desk…even for those who love their job and love their company.

There is no surprise that it is easy for employees to be less motivated when the sun is shining on a hot day outside their window, which may impact productivity in the office. There are vacations taken either by your employees or by clients you are working with which makes it difficult to get answers right away. People tend to take slightly longer lunch breaks, if not on vacation, taking in every bit of warmth and fresh air they can. Let’s not forget about “Summer Fridays”. With that being said, how does management keep their staff motivated and engaged to prevent loss of productivity? Or can they?

The summer months are the perfect time to invest in your team and culture. Use the slow times to evaluate your staff and needs as a department or company overall. What are you lacking and how can you use that to benefit your department when seeking to fill in those blanks? How can you make your staff different? What are your goals for the coming months? Take the time to invest in your corporate culture as that can make or break an organization and the flow behind your employees. Prepare for the future and what is ahead.

Aside from motivating your staff, it is easy to get frustrated when it comes to lack of response via email or phone from others outside your organization. The frequent ‘Out of Office’ reply email sits in my inbox more than I would like but the key to remember is letting go of what you cannot control. Mental health and taking a break every now and then is crucial for every single human to get through their life. Treat your brain like a muscle – exercise it but also let it rest. Trust in others and your staff that if an email is pressing enough, they will respond in a timely manner. However, if you are one of those also getting the constant “I am OOO with limited access to email” message back, let go of what you cannot control and hope they are enjoying their time as if it were you. Focus on another project, try alternative resources to get an answer to what you need, or simply wait. After all, patience is a virtue (something I need to remind myself every day).

Summer break is a great time to build your staff, focus on the culture you are presenting every day, set goals for the coming months, and take a mental vacation. Every business is different but when employers understand and acknowledge the separation of personal and professional life, employees feel more appreciated, engaged, and (hopefully) productive.

As Senior Recruiting Associate, Megan Meisse works across Prodigy Sports’ executive search division, handling various clients across the sports and entertainment industries. Aside from her executive search role at Prodigy, Meisse also handles digital initiatives and content creation for Prodigy Sports.



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